Pasco engine ---- new product development


    As we all know the importance of new product development, the key issue is how much resources a company want to invest. As a company with near 20 years of experience on consumer adhesives and craftsman adhesives, we are capable of investing in new product development.

    At the beginning we only had superglue, but we keep developing new formulation, new packaging. Up to now we have a broad range variety of adhesives. We not only work on upgrading the formulation of adhesives but also exploring new adhesives type, new packaging, new application and even new categories. We try to find the new segmented market and be the leader of that. We are fully aware it is not easy but we simply want to take the risk and invest in it. We know it would get paid if we could develop more new products with high market potentials.

    We view new product development as the engine of Pasco. We also involve universities and design companies to make it better and accelerate the developing progress. We are confident that the engine of new product development will lead us to a brighter market perspective.