Why famous companies choose Pasco


    Our customer base is brilliant. There are many world famous companies choose Pasco as their key supply chain partner. The basic reason is our competitiveness and our understanding of customers’ requirements. The followings also contribute a lot to be a successful partner of many world-class companies.

1, Product portfolio is quite comprehensive. We have super glue,, white glue, glue stick, glitter glue, epoxy adhesives,contact cements, SuperOffice electronics cleaning items and other kids art items. Therefore, we can provide one-stop product solution to most of our clients.

2, Ningbo Pasco is a ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificated company. It is not as simple as getting the certificate itself, but runs pretty well based on the process of the systems. The certificate is not just a piece of paper but the system we have to work based on it and to be improved continuously.

3, We got many times of pass of factory audit conducted by our customers or third parties delegated by our customers. We value each audit as the auditors could always give us proper suggestions to help us improve our management system. We really appreciate our European customers and American customers who offered the factory audit opportunities. On one side, the audit checked if the factory met the required standards. On the other side, the audit pushed us to improve and then enhance our competitiveness. We also got the green light of social responsibility audit from several famous multinational retail corporations.

4, We respond quickly to customers’ requirements. There are always new requirements from customers. It could be new product development, or packaging improvement, or quality upgrade etc. We welcome any new requirements from our customers and even some of them are challenges. We are fully aware that market always requires attractive products with competitive price and high quality. We have to work with our customers well to respond to the market trend as quick as possible.

5, We value the partnership with our customers. While doing business with our customers, we don’t just think how to make money to our pocket but think how to help our customers to become more successful in their segmented market. We embed the win-win philosophy in our mind and our practice. After a certain period of time of doing business with our customers, we win the partnership with our customers and value it very much. In return, our customers value the partnership with us as well and we work together more efficient and effective.

    As so many famous international companies choose Pasco as an OEM/ODM manufacturer, we are confident to be a reliable supply chain partner of you.