Plant renew


     Though the plant looks new, there were some places and facilities started worn-out. We know the Break Pane Law quite well and are aware that good condition is the fundamental for the workers to produce good quality products.

    With this in mind we invested a couple of millions RMB to renew the plant.We painted the wall, repaired the floor, and some old facilities were replaced. Also, we changed the layout a little bit to make the process flow more efficient. We also enhanced some safety facilities and rechecked the electricity system to make sure all the workers work safely in Pasco. A good working condition is also a key to reduce work injury rate. This is also one of the promises to be a company with proper social responsibility. Therefore, we not only invested in facilities but also in people.

    After a few months of hard work, the plant just looks complete new! We believe people enjoy working in a place with nice condition. Employee satisfaction is also valuable to good quality and customer service. We hope everyone work in Ningbo Pasco is proud of being one of the team members.